Awesome news!! (For me, at least)

I’m going to be in a book!

Cece’s got the proofs for her next picture book and there I am! I’m in it! I’m in a crowd scene, juggling and riding a unicycle. (Can I do those things? No, not at the same time.)

Photo: Not Me.

I wish I was allowed to post a picture and tell you about the book. But I imagine I’d get in big trouble…

On a similar note, I was talking to these kids at Stewartsville Elementary School the other day and one of them sked me if I could set my next book in Stewartsville. I was about to say “sorry,” when I thought “why not?” So when i do the revisions to “LLama with a Hat” I’m going to add some Stewartsville references.

The librarian pointed out that there’s a sewage treatment plant nearby. I assured her that “Llama with a hat” has nothing to do with sewage. (Almost nothing.)


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