The Golden Compass – The Book(s) – The Movie – The Atheism — The Talking Bears

Entertainment Weekly has a big piece on the Golden Compass Controversy this week. (Plus a picture of an awesome polar bear in awesome armor! Awesome!)

I’m pleased that the word is getting out about the book/movie’s themes.

 If people learn that the books/movies are going to eventually lead beyond talking bears to the revelation that God is a wimp and then God dies* in a puff of wimpiness and then they still want to take their kids to the movie, then okay, I’m fine with that.

As long as people know what they’re getting into.

No need to ban or boycott. Just let people make an informed decision.

But it can be tough to make an informed decision about a hit movie with awesome talking polar bears.

*(Actually, I still can’t believe that the third movie will actually feature the death of God, as the book did. Maybe they’ll give it a happy ending, too. This is one time you’ll find me rooting for a Hollywood ending.)


2 Responses

  1. I have to agree with you … the armored bears are pretty cool.

    I’m sort of hoping that we can pass on the heart-eating scene of the bear battle.

    For my own part, I might take the boys to the first one … even knowing what I know. We have read the first book, and even if it’s intended as anti-Church, well, it’s anti-Church-of-an-alternate-reality. That isn’t quite the same thing.

    I haven’t yet checked out “Amber Spyglass,” so I don’t really know the whole thing, but I do intend to read it before I decide whether it’s okay for my sons.

    But I agree with your sentiment — informed decisions are all we need, here.

  2. As you consider the appropriateness of this book in general, you should also be aware of this:

    The Scholastic publishing company is partnering with New Line Cinema and promoting “The Golden Compass,” and the related Phillip Pullman trilogy, heavily in public schools. There is more information here, including links to reliable plot summaries.

    If it’s okay to get kids thinking about God in the way you think is okay, then the next question is whether it’s okay to do it in schools, as part of required classwork. And if it is, then of course it would be great if we could also bring in, say, some of Max Lucado’s Christian fiction for kids.

    It seems to me the church needs to be made aware of this–and parents need to be watching what happens in their children’s schools.

    Please spread the word on this so we all can be made aware.

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