OMG- Jacked Up – Inappropriate – WHA?? – NO WAY! – No, not Willy Roy!!!!!

Just got back from a concert to benefit a group called Community Opportunities, a group that describes itself this way: Our mission is to assist and support people with disabilities, and those who know them best, to design and pursue lives of their choice
Okay, you got that right? A concert to benefit the disabled.

So, from the kajillion bluegrass tunes available the band plays….


If you don’t know this song (and hopefully you don’t) here’s a sample of the lyrics:

His name they call him Willy Roy
He’s just a little crippled boy
But now the tears roll down his cheeks
I wipe them off so he can sleep

See the title of this post for my reaction.

 The mood really lifted when they played a “gospel” song with lyrics something like this:

“I dreamed last night that I died and went to Hell…”

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