Review: The Yellow Balloon : by Charlotte Dematons

You know those posters you see in libraries sometimes. Where a cross-legged kid opens a book and all kinds of wacky stuff flies out?



Holy too-lee-doo!

This book is a mind-blower, a throw down, BIG, huge, gigantic, totally insane, kind, cruel, gentle, savage and wordless.

The basic plot is that a yellow balloon flies around.

But there are little subplots that you have to search through the pictures to find. These pictures are berzerk! People in a third-world shanty town sit and watch a very American carnival while across the (paved) street pirates are dueling on the docks. (There may be more violence and accidents in here than is some Richard Scarry books. And that’s saying something.)

There’s some sort of barrier in the mind that prevents normal people from drawing pictures like this. Pollock may have slung paint, but he never made a mess like this. This is a mess of ideas.


And it’s a wonderful mess! The reader’s job is to try to make sense of it. That’s tough, but fun.

Every library needs this book! This is the book you use to show kids what a book can be.


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