Pinkwater Interview for Baconburg Horror Week


Corresponding with Daniel Pinkwater is tough.

The guy’s books saved my life, but you get the feeling that he’s heard that too many times before. In fact, I may have read it on a jacket flap. And he’s unimpressed when you mention you’ll be comparing his werewolf book to Bleak House. Hey, who hasn’t?

And then there’s that Eastern European sense of humor. He’s at least one or two steps ahead of you and sometimes given to short responses. One hopes that if you were speaking face-to-face he’d be winking.

Luckily, he seems like a great guy. After all he was willing to answer (most) questions for this INCREDIBLE, ASTOUNDING BACONBURG HORROR WEEK INTERVIEW:

Q: Was there ever talk of a Snarkout movie or Wonderworks show? If that had happened would Gabe Kaplan be Osgood Sigerson or Lama Smythe-Finkel?
A: There is always talk of movies. Gabe Kaplan was in the TV Hoboken
Chicken Emergency. Cast was good. Movie not so much.

[ed: Gabe rocked!]
Q: SAB & Avocado of Death is such a kung-fu title; did you start with the title and work from there?
A: I can never remember what I started with. I just suddenly become aware
that I am at the keyboard, in my pajamas, with a five-day growth of
beard, typing.
Q:Where do the Snarkout Boys rank in your own estimation? I noted that when I called The Neddiad a “Snarkout Boys book writ very large” you dissented. I hope you weren’t offended, since from my point of view it was a lavish compliment.
A: It is impossible for an ordinary citizen to offend an author–there are professionals who do that. I automatically disagree with any statement that gets close to revealing that I just write the same book over and over–no one needs to know that.

 And please answer as many or as few of the grab bag questions as you have time/patience/answers for:
Q: Hardest thing to draw?
A: Octopus.

Q: Favorite Wyeth (NC, Andrew or Jamie?)
A: I get them mixed up.
Q: Favorite piece of “Fine Art?”
A: Too many to list–but if you are ever in NY, go to the Frick Collection and take a squint at the Bellini St. Francis. Then spin around, and across the smallish room, you will be looking at the El Greco St. Jerome. If you don’t experience physical sensations, have yourself checked by a physician.

Q: Best post-80s music video?
A: I don’t remember ever seeing a music video as such.

Q:Least favorite bible story?
A: The Parable of the Pretzel.

Q: This year’s Halloween costume?
A: I’m going as an idee fixe

Q: Favorite Dickens novel?
A: Another hard call. Nope. Can’t do it.

Q: The big question. The question I’ve wondered for years… Why are there only two Snarkout Boys books?
A: As I remember, the publisher punked out on the next one in line, “I Snarked with a Zombie,” and of course another publisher would not touch a book that was part of a series.

Q: Was “I Snarked with a Zombie” actually written or just an idea?  Any chance that it will claw its way to the surface some day?

 A: We’re sorry–You’ve missed the deadline.  However, you may add your
question to next year’s batch. –Pinkbot Associates.

3 Responses

  1. I vote for winking, too. Many congratulations on your interview! Wish you had a baseball he could sign=) We haven’t gotten to the Snarkout Boys yet, but we are huge fans of Irving and Muktuk. (And Larry, of course. And Ned Feldman. And Tooth-gnasher Super Flash… )

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