Let Baconburg Horror Week Begin!


In accordance with Halloween protocol, we hereby devote this week to the greatest Werewolf story ever told.

Do I refer to Lupin? No, but that is a great story.

Do I refer to a werewolf walking through Soho in the rain looking for Lee Ho Fook’s? No, but that is a great story.

Do I refer to the Thundarr the Barbarian werewolf battle? No, but that is a great story.

Do I refer to Teen Wolf II? No I do not.

Of course, I refer to “The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror.”

(Yes, True Snarkout Fans, yes. I know you’re raising a technical objection. To mention it here might be something of a spoiler, so let’s just drop it, okay?)

My plan is to celebrate the week with brilliant commentary (anyone care to write some?), culinary delights (anyone have the recipe for Borgelnuskies?), fan art and, of course, end up with a little poetry for Poetry Friday.

 And, I’ll try to score an interview with Daniel Pinkwater.

Let’s start off with something from the book’s opening. Words from the werewolf himself:

“Few creatures, and fewer humans, dream that I exist — and those who know me, know me only as a frightened dream, an imagined flitting dark moment….

 The moon is well into the sky now. The light(s) in the houses are going out. It is almost time for me to begin my running. I tear my civics testbook in two. The binding makes a satisfying snapping sound. I distribute the pages into the night air. They flutter toward earth….

 I rise up on my haunches and announce myself to the night. I give the ancient cry — the howl of the wolfman.”

The next line opens chapter two and was not written by the werewolf (or was it?):

“For more than a year, my friend Winston Bongo and I have been snarking out together.”

If you want to join in the fun, read along with me. If you can’t find the book in stand-alone format:

…you might have an easier time getting your hands on “4 Novels”

….a great Pinkwater collection, that also holds Yobgorgle, which might just be NEXT halloween’s theme.


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