Cece & Sam’s Halloween – DAY 28! Turn away!

Where’s the picture?

It’s here: hall28.jpg


It’s so horrible, so terrifying, so flesh crawling, so awful that I can’t just post it without warning you first.

Remember that button-eyed Other Mother from Coraline?

She doesn’t hold a candle to Inside-Out Mustache Doll Head.

From somewhere I got several mustache doll heads. These seemed to be girl doll heads with a mustache painted on them so they could be sold as man heads.

One day an ancient evil possessed me and a voice said “Sam… Sam….  turn the head inside out! In return I will help you write the greatest book ever written (The Qwikpick Adventure Society, as it happens) but first you must turn the head inside out.”

It wasn’t easy, but I did it and now you can see the horror that I’ve let loose upon the world. (I’m talking about the doll head, not Qwikpick!)


One Response

  1. OMG. I’ll have nightmares tonight. Though QP was worth it.

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