What I’m reading now – or should I dump it for SmekDay?

Right now I’m still reading “My Lady Ludlow” by Elizabeth Gaskell.

For awhile it was rather plotless, but I was rather enjoying it.

Then My Lady Ludlow started telling a story. And kept on and on and on and I still haven’t finished My Lady Ludlow’s story, which isn’t even about My Lady Ludlow. It actually seems like a leftover outline for a story which Gaskell decided to cram in there.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent my own money on a brand new copy of The True Meaning of Smek Day by Adam Rex. And it’s just sitting there waiting to be read.

C’mon, My Lady Ludlow*, wrap it up so I can find out what Smek is!

*Did you think it was funny how I kept referring to Ludlow as My Lady Ludlow over and over? That’s an old Dickens gag. I liked it so much it inspired me to write my first book, about M’Lady Luggertucks. Sadly, that book is still waiting for an editor who also thinks the gag is funny.


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