Sock Monkey 101

Since sock monkeys are now being marketed in conjunction with the Dustin Hoffman & Natalie Portman movie “Mr. Magorium’s Magic Emporium,” I thought I would make sure everyone understood the difference between a sock monkey and Sock Monkey.

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Sock Monkey

This is a sock monkey. This one sells for $29.99 on Amazon, in conjunction with the Mr. Magorium movie.

A sock monkey is a toy made from socks. (Although some pre-fabricated monkeys were likely never socks.)

 You can make your own sock monkey. (And Cece says you should if you want a really great sock monkey.)

You can buy a kit:

Or use your own socks and online instructions.

It has been decreed by the United States government that sock monkeys are part of the public domain. (We learned this at the Rockford history museum, in Rockford, Ill., the one-time home of the red-heeled sock plant that made the socks that folks used to make the monkeys.)

There are many thousands of sock monkeys. You can see wonderful pictures of some of them in this book:

Sock Monkeys: 200 out of 1863

(We love this book!)

There is only one Sock Monkey. He is a sock monkey named Sock Monkey. He stars in a series of picture books by Cece Bell.

 Furthermore, he is a famous toy actor, whose latest starring role was “Red Reardon” in The Happy Canyon Hoedown. (see Sock Monkey Rides Again for more information.)

 Sock Monkey himself has made a sock monkey. That sock monkey was made from argyle socks, likes cupcakes and named himself “Sock Buddy.” (see Sock Monkey Boogie Woogie for more information.)

 Sock Monkey has three other friends, Miss Bunn, Blue Pig and Froggie who are also free-willed toys. (see Sock Monkey Goes to Hollywood for more information.)

Of course, these books only feature drawings of Sock Monkey. (Mighty fine drawings, though!)

Sock Monkey is indeed a real sock monkey, who lives with Cece Bell. He is frequently photographed, but his photo is rarely seen online. (Careful blog viewers may have seen him dressed as Willy Wonka for Halloween.)


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  1. I also make a mean sock monkey (as in good not evil) and there are many other to be found on Etsy- a site for handmade goods!

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