BACA Alert? Steve Martin Alphabet Book…

I’m not that upset that Steve Martin has written a kid’s book, but I am disappointed that it’s not called “The Apple Pie Hubbub.”

Long, long ago that was a gag of his, that he had written a book called The Apple Pie Hubbub. After 25 years I still think that’s funny.

I also thought this line from his new, real alphabet book was funny: Needle-nosed Nigel won nine kinds of knockwurst/By winning a contest to see who could knock wurst

( I do wonder however, why the second wurst isn’t spelled “worst.” Maybe the AP got it wrong.)

I’ll be interested to see Roz Chast’s illustrations. I think she’s consistently the funniest cartoonist in the New Yorker. And I love her drawings. But will they appeal to kids?

or is this book really a book for adults?

Either way, Steve Martin seems unlikely to fill his book full of sap or pap, so that’s a good thing.


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