Qwikpick Halloween movies

Other than the Qwikpick Vampire movie, what scary movies do the Qwikpickers like?

Marilla: The Corpse Bride. Marilla LOVED this movie and she’s mad that it got such bad reviews. What were those critics complaining about, she asks.

Dave: Dave says Shaun of the Dead would probably be his favorite movie based on a trailer he saw for it, but his mom won’t let him watch it. So he says “The All-Zombie Marching Band” movie based on his comic strip, which doesn’t actually exist. I mean the movie doesn’t exist. But it should!!! Think about it! High school band kids turning into zombies and big parades that turn into zombie attacks and the whole time they’re playing tubas and stuff.

Lyle(me): Larry loaned us this movie called “Chinese Ghost Story II.” It’s completely the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. My favorite part is this guy who draws spells on paper and then throws the paper at the bad guys. I don’t know where Larry got the movie or why he doesn’t have Chinese Ghost story 1 or 3, but I hope he gets them sometime.


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