meeting Old Eleven from Maple Hill Farm

Look who we met when we were out getting pumpkins today…


 Yep, it’s Old Eleven from Maple Hill Farm. (Maple Hill Farm is featured in at least two books by the Provensens “Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm” and “The Year at Maple Hill Farm.”)

In case you don’t remember:

“Old Eleven is the best sheep, and the best thing about her is that in the spring, when she has lambs, she always has twin lambs.”

Well, guess what? Yep, this sweet sheep had twin lambs with her!

“Old Eleven takes good care of her twins. She is a good mother to them.”

One Response

  1. Very cool sheep! “The Year at Maple Hill Farm” is one of my all-time favorites… thank you for evoking it for me.

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