Favorite Vampire?

Here are the nominees:

Count Chocula

The Count from Sesame Street

Alex Winter in the Lost Boys

Count Floyd

The vampires from the Kung Fu Vampire movie at the Qwikpick movie2.jpg

Max Schreck

I’ll take other nominations, but right now it looks like Count Floyd has it won.

Count Floyd

I know Count Floyd from the Ed Grimley Cartoon show, but true fans know him from SCTV.


3 Responses

  1. Ahem. There are also Angel and Spike in the running. I vote for Spike. Spike, Spike, Spike (with the Sesame Street Count as a close second because of the “Count Up to Nine” song).

  2. Oh, I forgot about the Buffyverse!
    Which one was Spike? Was it Paul Reubens from the movie version? I thought HE was funny.

  3. Spike was the radioactive blonde who first showed up in “School Hard” and was supposed to be just a one-time character, but had such a positive response that he came back. He’s the British baddie with a razor-sharp sense of humor and a fondness for a lot of human things (plus, as it should be pointed out, Billy Idol stole his particular look), then fought to regain his soul at the end of season 6. Even after he regained his soul and became technically “good,” he never lost his edge.

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