Where the Wild Things Drag On for 2 Hours

Fuse #8’s blog linked to this picture and an article about the WTWTA movie.

Must we? Can we not look back at The Grinch and The Cat and the Hat and just admit that picture books don’t make good 2 hour movies? Can anyone think of a succesful one? I blanking on it, myself.

(Same goes for Victorian novels. 6 hour mini-series minimum.)

Sure, maybe it’ll be good and Jonze is all that, but this is what the magazine says about it:

” it becomes clear that while spinning a yarn, Jonze and Eggers are also taking us on a tour of Max’s psyche, as he works out so many of the issues that plague his young life.”

If we must make picture books into movies, why can’t we have a movie like Fantasia, but for books? 8 or so segments of reasonable length featuring WTWTA and other beloved classics come to life, but not endlessly expanded and padded. WTWTA could be the big finale, clocking in at 15 minutes maybe.


4 Responses

  1. Ok, I did think of one. The Stupids! We loved it.
    However, they did have a number of books to draw from there.

  2. I realize this was longer, and therefore had more potential for the 2-hour treatment, but what did you think of Chronicles of Narnia?

  3. I didn’t see Narnia, but I think it is IN THEORY okay to use hefty books like that to make a movie from.

    If the result is, say, Walt Disney’s Pinnochio then GREAT!
    If however the result is Disney’s Black Cauldrom then NO!

  4. I didn’t like Narnia at all. However, I did think that the original “Shrek” worked, but only because they took a character and didn’t even try to stick to the book, but made something bigger and a whole lot of fun. (I didn’t care for the sequel.)

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