Cece & Sam’s Halloween – Day 18 – for fear of little men

Sock Monkey, the star of the Sock Monkey series is Willy Wonka!

Two of his assistants also pose…


Below, Cece shows the rarely publicized after-effects of dressing as an Oompa-Loompa…


Cece made all 3 costumes, by the way.


4 Responses

  1. I think that’s what an Oompa-Loompa’s bones look like… thin and brittle and covered in chocolate. Sort of a cross between a bird’s skeleton and a Kit Kat bar.

    Does Cece design costumes on commission? I don’t think that I can get another year out of my “This is my costume!” tee-shirt.

  2. pleeeease teel me where your costumes from hah thanks xx

  3. The place where I work is doing a Willy Wonka themed event, and I had decided I was going to be a Wonka Bar. I then searched online for ideas on how to recreate it for my costume, and I my search revealed this costume that Cece made. The only thing I’m struggling with are the letters. I have found a Wonka font, but I am unable to print them large enough to trace around to cut the fabric for the letters. (I can print them fairly large, but not big enough for the costume.) How in the world did she create the letters? I hope she did not draw them by free-hand… I’ll never be able to do that!

    Please respond ASAP, as I need the costume finished within the next week.

    Thanks so much!!!

  4. Cece think she did it this way:
    Found a picture of a Wonka bar.

    Traced over the letters in Freehand (you might be able to do this in a photo program, too.)

    Blew it way, way up and printed out the letter outlines o many sheets of paper and taped them together.

    That’s the difference between Cece and me, she puts actual effort into things….

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