Two ideas, please….

J. L. Bell had this Sid Fleischman quote on his fantastic Oz and Ends blog recently: “You need two ideas to make a story.”

It’s so true, Cece and I agreed.

Look at her books:

Sock Monkey Goes to Hollywood: He’s nominated for an Oscar Oswald AND has to take a bath.

Sock MonkeyBoogie Woogie: The celebrity dance is coming up AND he needs to make a new friend.

Sock Monkey Rides Again: He’s making a movie AND he has to kiss a girl.

In each case, both ideas are blended into a single story.

As for my book, Qwikpick…  for a while it was just two seperate ideas. Kids with no parental supervision on Christmas Day. My rejected newspaper article about the closing of the poop fountain.

One day the two idea suddenly hit each other and the book sprang out of my forehead fully grown.

But the two ideas have to work together just right. My un-book “I, Nosepicker: A Love Story” may have fallen apart because the two ideas (one of which was a transcendent state of wisdom called Nosega, the other was a sweet, real-life love story) were just too far apart. (I still have a fondness for it, though, but I don’t guess anyone else ever will.)

So, anyway, if you’re struggling with a MS, check to see if you’ve got two ideas that play together nicely.


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