mini-review: “And the train goes…” by William Bee


I saw this at the Easy Chair bookstore this morning and had to get it.

And the Train Goes... front cover

One look at it and I was thinking: Ellen Raskin! Then I thought Ed Emberly! (circa Drummer Hoff!)

Cece looked at it said the same two names right away.

Those are two great names to be compared to, but let’s not suggest that Bee doesn’t have his own style. He does and it’s gloriously complex and odd. Everything is absurdly ornate.

If you’ve got the bandwith, load up this jumbo sized version of the train station:

The book is about a busy train station and all the noises made by the wacky people and wacky train cars. These are not your standard train cars, folks. We’ve got the fancy ladies’ tea car, the chickens’ egg-laying car and the businessmans’ breakfast car, complete with stove and cook on flat car.

There are a few secrets/surprises as well that reward close inspeciton. I’ve found three so far.I’ve also found anumber of snails and teapots. Not sure if there a certain number to find or what, but theey’re fun to look for.


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