Lyle comes to a booksigning!

I was talking to this kid about my book at last weekend’s B&N booksigning.

Suddenly I realize .. IT’S LYLE!!!! (The main character from Qwikpick, in case you haven’t read it yet.)


Luckily, the kid was willing to pose for a photo. Side-by-side comparison proves that this is in fact Lyle, just a year or two older, with better glasses and slightly shaggier hair.


 At the same booksigning I also met a teacher who wants me to write a mulitple choice test based on Qwikpick, the private school teacher who got a classroom set of Qwikpick(!!!!) and Marcie from World of Words. (How cool is that? I missed out on the Chicago convention, but found a fellow kidlit blogger right her in my own backyard!)


2 Responses

  1. Uncanny! Especially around the mouth!

  2. Did you take down his name and number so you could recommend him to play Lyle in the movie?

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