Cece and Sam’s Halloween – Day 13


Cece’s the watermelon.

Folks, this picture tells us a lot more about Cece than just the fact the she had big glasses and a collection of wacky friends.

She made that watermelon costume herself after her parents told her it couldn’t be done.

Like a good kidlit heroine, Cece don’t take kindly to being told she can’t pull something off. (I learned this years later when I told her she couldn’t build a giant cardboard cow. Not only did she do it, but it ended up about 3 times bigger than it was going to be when I said it wouldn’t work.)

Furthermore, it is so VERY Cece to put on a giant 4-foot wide Watermelon slice costume and then say “It needs something more” and add a polka-dot clown-size beret.


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