Poetry Friday – Sweet Daisy’s Nasty Poem

As promised, here are some highlights from a Qwikpick Instant Poetry Contest held at a rural library in SW Virginia.

Warning: Gross stuff lies ahead! I use my book to show kids how words and, especially poetry, can make expereinces vivid. I read the kids the haikus from my book that the characters wrote after seeing the Sludge Fountain in person.

Then I challenge them to write a poem in two minutes titled “The Worst Thing I Ever Smelled.”

Sweet Little Daisy stole the show, but I was also very happy that two of the librarians joined in this time. (And they got the syllable counts right!)

Here’s a grisly one from Daphne the Librarian:

“A dead deer on the

highway rotting in the sun

been there for some time.”

Not funny, but a fact of life in these parts where roadkill is common.

Remember this great kid?


Here’s his poem. (lightly edited) You’ll note he went slightly over the syllable count for a haiku, but his spelling more than makes up for that…

Poop and Sewer Sludge

by Maverick

When I smell poop poop / sewer sludge

 it smells/ so bad that it makes / my heart budge!

I smell gases. A million / square!

It smells/ so bad that I got / to swear!

I run/ right out of that / porta pody.

Then/ I smell so / bad that it / kills everybody!

But the winner and grand champion was Daisy. She won for the title alone, really.

Here she is with her mother helping her write the poem…


And here is the poem…



I smelled this poot

And it was very yucky.


7 Responses

  1. Porta pody is a wonderful spelling variation. That kid’s the next Ogden Nash, I’m thinking!

  2. LOL. Look at that mischievous grin. And I with Kelly on the future of that first kid…he has rhythm and style and he spells like I WANT to!

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  4. I’m simply speechless. Great poems and great stinks do that to me: I hold my breath!


    Are you having fun? Every day do you wake up and realize that you are making the world better by increasing the universe’s smile quotient for the day?

  5. I’ve known that little girl since she was a tot and didn’t know she had it in her, literaly!

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