A comic book by Cece Bell and Sam Riddleburger? It’s true…

Wow, here’s an underground mini-comic that’s sure to be a collector’s item!

Way back in the 90s I wrote and drew this very mini-comic and Cece drew this great cover.

I’m very proud that the comic is available for you to read over at Plastic Pumpkins. (I’m just sorry I’m going to have to sue over the unlicensed use of our work.)

One Response

  1. Hey! I don’t think I knew that Cece drew the cover or if I did I had forgotten. I’ll have to edit the post to include that bit of info since the cover is the only reason I bothered holding onto this thing over the years.

    And speaking of ‘unlicensed use’… I don’t remember signing any release forms allowing for the use of my person as sidekick to a talking sawfish. Can you say ‘countersuit!’

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