Cece and Sam tag-team to entertain entire Elem. School

Wow, what a day!

Cece and I did our respective song and dances for grades k-5. Cece took the younger half, I took the older. We did three shows each. (Mine were about 45 minutes each.)

The Instant Poetry Contest was a huge hit.


Here’s a shot of some third grade poets in action…

By the end of the day I had a huge stack of about 100 gross kid poems. It was wild to see kids cheering and yelling about poetry! ( I hope I got a video that will show this.)

Since I have more that I’ll ever be able to use on Poetry Friday, I’ll go ahead and share one here:

“My Grandpa Joe”

My Grandpa Joe likes to show me his feet. A lot.

I think that they stink. A lot.

They smell like gross meatlof and dead rats,

also they have lot of, um, pimples.”

After I did the 5th grade show, the principal very nicely asked me not to use the word “poop” anymore. That’s tough when the book is all about kids searching for the legendary Fountain of Poop and the part I read out loud is the part about them finding the fountain and the smells that go with it. I did my best to follow the rules, but a few “poops” may have slipped out.

Cece held a couple of yodeling contests and taught tons of kids how to draw Sock Monkey and Froggie. I think the school (and the local bookstore) made a fortune selling stuffed sock monkeys. If only we could get a cut of that action!

A great day for both of us! It’s so weird how you can have a store booksigning that is so slow and then another time you can have a horde of kids clawing each other to get a bookmark.

One Response

  1. After I did the 5th grade show, the principal very nicely asked me not to use the word “poop” anymore.

    I take it the principal hadn’t read the book?

    Today, my daughter was singing into my microphone all about different potty functions and what you have to do, and it occured to me: until a person discovers s-e-x, that’s the biggest body function someone has to deal with. It’s important. It’s embarrassing, yeah, but it’s important.

    I wonder if you should tell the children that you’re going to use a different word than poop. How about “jam?” I’m snickering just thinking about it.

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