Cece & Sam’s Halloween – Day 9

One of the neighbor kids asked me this question once. And a few years ago, I made him a little banner of it for his Web page.

If the picture doesn’t show up: The questions is:

Would you rather be a blood-sucking vampire or a flesh-eating zombie? Think Anout it!

(Link to picture http://www.cecebell.com/glen/banner.jpg)

It is a pretty heady question if you do “Think Anout It.” If you really had to choose there would be a lot of moral implications to either choice. I hope a few of you will leave your decision in the COMMENTS…

To me, this is like a little peek into the head of a kid and I try to keep it in mind when writing. It may in fact be the reason for the All-Zombie Marching Band in Qwikpick...


5 Responses

  1. I would go with vampire. A zombie is a mindless, mind-eating monster (and hey, if you haven’t yet read World War Z, you’re in for a real treat), but a vampire at least could have the consciousness, if not the soul, to choose to drink pig’s blood (with a dash of otter’s blood thrown in for spice). I’d get pretty lonely as a vampire, but at least I would have a lot of time to read.

  2. Vampire… they’re much prettier and they get to wear capes!

  3. This is kind of like the question we used to ask each other when we were kids: Would you rather be dumb and happy or smart and miserable? We always picked dumb and happy, figuring if we were dumb we wouldn’t KNOW we were dumb and hey! We’d be happy! That logic SHOULD lead me to pick zombie, because they’d be too dumb to realize there was anything morally wrong or the least bit gross about eating human flesh. Plus, let’s face it, vampires usually seem to have quite a bit of angst. I challenge you to find me a single flesh-eating zombie with angst!!!! Still, I gotta go with the vampire. Groovy nightlife, less messy, nice castle. Plus, all of that angst could generate a nice middle-grade novel…

  4. I’d choose vampire too. Again, the mindless thing was a big deciding factor. I actually think I’d be a vampire over a zombie mostly because I’d then be aware enough to kill myself, whereas a zombie has no such awareness of … really anything. Undead of all kinds creep me out, though. I’m not a fan.

  5. […] Cece & Sam’s Halloween – Day 10 – Contest Today! Win A Prize! If you haven’t chosen between zombie and vampire, go back to Day 9. […]

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