Cece views ALL of the Robert’s Snow snowflakes…

I hope this won’t cause consternation from the coordinators, but Cece has written up a fantastic report after looking at each and every one of the snowflakes! Take it away, Cece….

Sam and I are such Luddites at home that I had to go
to the library and use their high-speed Internet
access to check out the Robert’s Snow snowflakes. I
had been busting out of my mind to look at them, and
look at them I did — every last one of them. I
should’ve written stuff down, but didn’t, and so if my
descriptions of some of them are not spot-on, do
forgive me.

Every one of them is something special to behold, and
being included among the illustrators who participated
leaves me with a happy, happy feeling. Looking at them
made me realize that even though I do like my
snowflake, I could have pushed myself harder to, say,
tell a little story, like John Hassett does in
“Geographic Compromise”: on the front, a penguin and a
polar bear are playing checkers and arguing over
North Pole!” versus “South Pole!”; on the back,
they’ve not only made up, but are drinking cocktails
on a warm, tropical island. Or I could’ve used both
sides of the snowflake (lazy me painted the back one
solid color) in a nifty way, like Elizabeth Dulemba
does in “Give a Little Push”: Santa’s on the front,
looking a tad bit discombobulated; on the back, a
little mouse (I think!) is giving him a push down the
chimney. Both sides work so well.

Some other favorites are Scott Bakal’s “The Joy of the
Future”. This one is just simply beautiful, in concept
and design and execution. It shows a simply drawn
snowman whose nose — a stick — has begun to sprout
leaves. Something about the image, and the bold,
“elfy” font used for the title of the snowflake on the
back, left me with an odd feeling of nostalgia for the
excitement I used to feel when the Rankin-Bass Rudolph
program would air during Christmastime.

I also loved the hilarious, slap-happy look on the
goofy Humpty Dumpty in Diane Greenseid’s Humpty Dumpty
Had a Great Fall, And A Great Winter, Too. The pun is
terrific, of course, but sillier still is seeing ol’
Humpty, grinning away in his Autumn-leaf-print coat,
enjoying the heck out of the fall season (as well as
the winter season on the back).

I love Rebecca Doughty’s work as it is, and her “Flake
with Holes,” featuring her signature enigmatic rabbits
poking their heads out of rabbit holes, does not
disappoint. It is one of the sort of “stark” ones
(“stark” in the very best sense of the word). I am
drawn to those the most, in some ways, maybe because
my own work never does end up looking that
mysteriously cool.

And finally, my all-time favorite would have to be
Mary Peterson’s “Snowy Snooze”: a really beautiful
painting of a red fox curled up with a white mouse (or
a white rabbit — forgive me again for not writing
this stuff down in the first place), sleeping in the
white snow. It conveys a message of holiday peace and
camaraderie, two things that Christmastime often seems
to lack. And what a beautiful design, to boot!

Again, all the snowflakes are just fantastic, and I
really do hope that they raise a ton of money for
cancer research, and that they are enjoyed by many.
My holiday wish for everyone is high-speed Internet
access, so you can view these as well as I did at the library!


One Response

  1. Hi Cece, hey, thanks for the nice words about ol’ Humpty!! I like your snowflake, too! Here’s hoping they bring in lots of $$$$$$$!

    Take care, Diane Greenseid

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