review:The Night Watchmen by Helen Cresswell

I don’t really want to give you a blow-by-blow review of this book.

I just want to tell you: this book should still be on library shelves. If your library has discarded it, try to get them to buy a new one.

(Well, I guess that would be hard since it seems to be out-of-print. Doesn’t some blog have a Out-of-Print & OUTRAGEOUS category? Put this in it, please.)

(Oh, an when a publisher decides to reprint it in the U.S., please make sure the cover is suitably mysterious.)

My introduction to Cresswell was the Bagthorpe series. A totallly ridiculous and hilarious series about a “normal” kid in a family of geniuses accident-prone lunatics. At first I didn’t get it, then one the second try I became a Bagthorpe zealot.

The Night Watchmen is a long way away from that. Cresswell likes to explore a sort of murky reality where powerful forces are at work in slow, strange ways. (See my post on her book The Beachcombers, which probably says many of the same things.) So in a very down to earth, meat and potatoes way big ideas are explored as a cracking good story is told.

Recommended for: Adventurous, bright young readers.


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