Qwikpick in the classroom

It’s official now. (I think). A private school in Roanoke has ordered a classroom set of Qwikpick! Fifth graders, I think.

To me, the fifth grade was just about the all-time highpoint for reading. So many great books, never read before, etc… Hopefully a couple of kids will dig the book as much as I digged books back then. Is that asking to much?

You can imagine how excited I am. I’m dreaming of reading a few Qwikpick book reports, maybe getting a copy of some sort of Qwikpick Quiz:

“Qwikpick is an example of:

A)Man vs. Man

B)Man vs. Nature

C)Man vs. Society

D)A 19-th century travel memoir

As Cece says, the best part should be going to talk to a classroom full of kids who have all read the book. (Or claim to have read the book.)

Speaking of speaking, I’ll be at the Jesse Peterman libary on Floyd this Saturday at 2 p.m. if anyone out there is close enough to swing by. Instant poetry contest, juggling, revolting reading, booksigning, all the usual antics.

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