Flushed Away- A Lloyd Alexander movie?

I’m planning a big post about the “Lloyd Alexander Story” and to some degree this one barges in on that one. However, this one might actually be more interesting to more people….


Warning limited SPOILERS for Flushed Away and the Lloyd Alexander Story Archetype, as found in Iron Ring, Prince Jen, The Arkadians and The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio and to some extent the Taran / Prydain series…

We watched Flushed Away, the Dreamworks-Aardman movie about rats, last night.

Good movie with a good story. A very familiar story. In fact, it’s a story I’ve read many times in various Lloyd Alexander books.

Here’s the recipe:

Noble-hearted young man (or rat) on a quest

Meets hotheaded, sharp-tongued extremely capable, streetsmart girl (or rat)

And funny sidekick / problem creator

and wise sage. (note: Flushed Away seemed to be missing this ingredient.)

And runs into Bandit King/Usurper.

Using a unique mode of transportation (sewer boat)

They continue quest … however, the quest begins to seem less and less important. Misguided, in fact.

Young man gives up on quest, but does manage to overthrow Bandit King/Usurper.

It’s the realization that the quest was wrong-headed that often adds so much depth to an Alexander Story. In this regard, the end of Flushed Away seems particularly close to the end of Alexander’s last book, Carlo Chuchio. But I won’t directly spoil either of them here.

Whether the Alexanderarianess of Flushed Away was intentional or not, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s a better Lloyd Alexander movie than Disney’s The Black Cauldron.

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