Cece and Sam’s Halloween Day 3

Cece’s got a million great Halloween things yet to come, but I’ve been dying to get in on this, too.

This is a dragon skeleton I made with PVC pipes and set up at the newspaper office. It was then moved to a yard for trick-or-treat time and then … vanquished in a might battle by myself with my grandfather’s Knights Templar sword.


(let’s assume I was hopped up on candy when I posed for that photo.)

The how-to here is simple. Go to the hardware store and get lots of skinny PVC pipe and lots of different shaped connectors. Basically, you’ve got a big Lego-type set now that you can build any kind of skeleton out of.  I made an ape-man type skeleton another year from the same parts. It can get difficult, though, when you things start to get big. But that’s part of the challenge.


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