Qwikpick Reviewed by Fuse #8’s Elizabeth Bird -updated

Well, I’ve been awfully excited about this one. And it’s an awfully nice review, except when Bird has to cover her nose because of all the poop.

“I am an adult. I have a hard time with poop. Poop aside (and that’s saying something) there’s a lot of great stuff going on in this book. It’s definitely a keeper, but it’s going to have a hard hard time winning over its primary purchasing audience, adults. ”

Well, I can’t blame her. There IS a lot of poop. (I wonder how she feels about rats?)

 But, I’m glad she found some things about the book she liked….

UPDATE: A longer version of the review is now up at her School Library Journal Website:


(Don’t miss the second part of the two-part review.)


2 Responses

  1. Oh, I’m fond of rats. Y’know. When they’re not, like, crawling up my legs n’ stuff.

  2. Rats crawling up legs AND stuff… Sounds like you’ve already read the sequel.

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