Interview with SteveA – The Halloweeniest Dude in the World

Folks, you’re in for a treat.

October’s here and that means Steve is going to be serving up daily (or near daily) servings of the coolest, strangest, worst, awfullest, greatest, creepiest, least creepy Halloween stuff of all time. He has a special liking for cheap pumpkin candy buckets with faces on them. You have no idea how many different faces are out there. And Steve is slowly finding all of them.

He loves orange buckets so much he named the blog after them, Plastic Pumpkins. But he often posts stuff from coloring books, Highlights and other sources of Kidlit goodness, too.

There’s a reason Steve is in the Qwikpick acknowledgements. He’s a Qwikpicker at heart. I’ve known him about 25 years, but I’m constantly being surprised by him. Here’s an interview about the coming month of “Life’s loot, spread out on the floor and divvied up…”

>When was the golden age of weird Halloween stuff? For me, personally, the golden age of weird Hallowe’en stuff was the 1970’s, but then the 1970’s was the golden age for weird anything. The paper decorations from that decade where the best! They may just be nostalgia speaking since those were the things I grew up with.

>Where do you get it all? Flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores, dumpsters and lately people who read the blog have started sending me stuff they think I’ll like, which it’s very cool to know that people not only are reading the blog, but that it’s sticking in their brains enough for them to think “Aha!” whenever they see an old Hallowe’en issue of “Humpty Dumpty Magazine” at their local Goodwill. And this one time, this guy I know gave me the weirdest thing in a pizza parlor…

>Do you have a favorite item from last year we should post? “Halloween Kitty Staredown” of course! The goofier and more pointless something is, the more I’m going to love it!

[Note, sure the kitties are good, but what about Werewolf in Love?]

>Can there possibly be anything out there to top last
Halloween’s offerings?
No, not really. I was kinda hoping nobody would notice how lame this year’s Hallowe’en posts were going to be compared to last year’s, but now that you’ve brought it up… thanks for drawing attention to the fact.

Don’t believe him folks! Bookmark, favorite, subscribe, whatever you need to do. Just make sure you catch every jacked-up thing Steve offers this Halloween….


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  1. I think there’s a typo in your post ’cause if we’ve known each other for 25 years then we must be kinda old…

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