Speaking of totally far out kidlit…

Steve A. found this book at a thrift store and has given it the Plastic Pumpkin treatment over at Plastic Pumpkins. This means he has scanned the whole thing in and annotated it. (Warning: Steve’s humor is a little more twisted than mine. Or, say, Lucifer’s.)

3 Responses

  1. You should see the stuff I edit out before I hit the “Publish” button… sometimes I don’t know what gets into me.

  2. Hey, Sam, I just did a Google search for “Roundi Doundi” and it looks as though there are a very limited number of books in this series in existence … of which two are in Roanoke! The Roanoke County Library and the Botetourt County Library!

  3. Mr. Riddleburger… what would it take to get you to steal from a library?

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