Chik-Fil-A delivers again… with Jane Bull this time.

At Burger King the other day we got a miniature football jersey. Stink. What the heck are the kids supposed to do with that? Oh, hang it on a car window. Double stink.

We left that junk at the BK. more recently we were at the Chik where we got another great jubilationmeal prize. (You’ll recall my love of the Amelia Earhart Plane I got a few weeks ago.)

This time it was a Jane Bull book. Bring it!

Jane Bull is the bomb. And her crew of Photoshop wizards could put a clipping path around a charging buffalo. Her kids Cooking book is absolutely right on as far as what kids want to look at. Dumptrucks and yellow loaders making cakes! Moon men, razzle dazzle, rainbow sprinkles.

The book we got was “The Party Book,” but it’s not the same as this book:

Rather, it has a smiley frog mask on the front. (Along with the requisite frolicking children.)

The mini 24 page party book  covers party cooking, costumes and decorations. It is off-course all eye-popping, order-giving, mess-inducing fun to look at.

Sometimes the instructions are a bit much. Cutting out butterfly wings from cardboard, requires that you make a paper stencil and cut it out. Then use the stencil to mark a piece of cardboard. And cut that out. Then cut two more sets of wings from construction paper. And cut THOSE out. how about if I just hack out a vague shape from the cardboard and then slosh some paint on it?

It lacks the little miniature elements, like toy dumptrucks, that made the Cooking book an all-time favorite.

but what am I complaining about? This mini-book is a keeper, unlike most Happymeal toys. It’s actually a worthy addition to the home library (which is carefully stored in piles strewn throughout the house.)


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