Qwikpick Kung Fu Vampire movie

Alkelda the Gleeful wanted to know about the kung-fu vampire movie that Lyle, Dave and Marilla watch in The Qwikpick Adventure Society.

The movie is one of the leftovers from when the Qwikpick rented videos. Most videos were sold for $1, but the dregs remain in the Qwikpick breakroom (along with a half-broken VCR) and the Qwikpickers are going to watch all of them.

The Qwikpickers had a lot more to say about stuff than what went into the book and they post it over at www.qwikpickpapers.com.

They have a page about “Breakroom Stuff,” which tells us that the movie in question is: Dragon Against Vampire. ( I think the dragon refers to a kung fu dude, perhaps the one pictured here:)



 However, I don’t think that this is THE Kung-Fu vampire movie that inspired this part of the book. Through the haze of distant, latenightmovie memory… The movie I was thinking of involved a group of kung-fu brothers against vampires. In the climactic scene, two of them are back to back amidst a swarm of vampires. Kung fu ensues!

I haven’t been able to locate this movie or even the title of it, however.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! It’s quite the kick (no pun intended) to see how people have taken kung fu across the genres. I’ve tried to watch some kung fu movies (a friend of mine showed me the one that was supposed to have inspired ALL kung fu movies, and of course I can’t remember which one), but as it turned out, I liked previews for the movies much more than the movies themselves.

    There is a low-brow series that often plays at the Theatre Schmeater in Seattle called “Money and Run,” and the hands-down favorite episode is “Nuns and Ninjas.” Something tells me you’d enjoy it. Here’s a review (scroll down): http://cgi.thestranger.com/2000-06-08/theater_revue.html

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