Poetry Friday: Watson Week concludes with Clyde and Wendy

Here’s the schedule for Watson Week:
Tuesday: Intro – Hogs are Out!
Wed: Nancy & Ernest
Thursday: Aldren
Today: Clyde and Wendy (Poetry Friday)
Click here to see all the Watson Week Posts (so far).


wendy.jpg       clyde.jpg

Wendy’s drawing of herself and her sister, Clyde, as foxes, from Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes.

So, we come to the end of Watson Week. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about this incredible family. (And there are 5 other children I don’t know a thing about.)

Wendy and Clyde both did kidlit work on their own. But together, they created the incredible world of Father Fox. With it’s great Mother Goose-topping rhymes and wonderful, charming drawings.

With 8 kids in the family, Clyde and Wendy knew what it was like to sit down at a big table. And, as Fall finally starts to set in, we’re going to look at a poem and picture of thankfulness. From “Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes,” written by Clyde and drawn and painted by Wendy.


Let the fall leaves fall

And the cold snow snow

and the rain rain rain ’till April:

Our coats are warm

And the pantry’s full

And there’s cake upon the table.


6 Responses

  1. That was lovely, Sam.

  2. Now, THAT is what it means to be content, full of warm, safe, full feelings. And cake, too!

  3. I didn’t know that Wendy and Clyde had put themselves into the pictures as foxes! Neat tidbit.

    When I was working at a daycare center, I brought in Father Fox’s Penny Rhymes. One of the teachers there read the book and scoffed that if THAT was what got published as a children’s book, he could write one just as easily. (And he was working on a version of Little Red Riding Hood.) He didn’t get it that these were orally composed rhymes collected with pictures that fleshed them out into stories. Hah.

  4. Charming! I think I have an old copy of Father Fox’s Penny Rhymes at home… better go look.

  5. Lovely Sam. I’ll have to go out and find this book.

  6. These Father Fox things have been mine and my kids favorites ever since they came out. Now I am introducing them to my grandchildren! June

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