Stats are so weird

I swear I don’t understand how the World and the WWW works.

My post about the Whales on Stilts cover mystery got 33 hits in the past month.

However, the Mystery Solved page, only got 6.

Are people searching for W.O.S. and ony finding the first one? Or did people read about the mystery and say, “I see that he has a solution, but I don’t need to know what it is.”
Similarly, 37 people read my Nikki Giovanni Encounter, but only 4 people tuned in to read about her bashing Clifford at her book-reading that night.
The good thing about the stats, though is it lets me know that others are interested in Ooka The Wise and The Black Hand Gang. Those posts keep getting hits. Rock on Ooka! Rock on Frank W.S.(With Squirrel).


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