Small reviews on small paper

I was 10-7 at the library and ready to inspect whatever caught my eye in the kids’ section. But I didn’t have a notebook to record the brilliant bon mots that I knew would issue from my brain.

So I got some of those little tiny paper scraps they put next to the card catalog computers and one of those tiny pencils and got to work. Thus the reviews are short and scrappy…

Joey and Jet in Space:

by James Yang

Mega-good, super kung-fu, distressed artwork! Completly the “wrong” style to use when drawing an outerspace story. Right on!

Froggy Went a Courtin’ by Gillian Tyler

Loverly Victorian drawings with some of the most wonderful bugs ever drawn. Dainty and carefully sketchy, Tyler’s drawings left me wanting an All-Bug Book! Bring it!

Leon and Bob

I like this domesticy illustrations. That bring to mind Quentin Blake, Ezra Jack Keats and Hank Ketcham. (And Hank’s talented successors!) It seems so sloppy, yet the attention to detail is wonderful. Work it!

Atlas Shrugged

What is this doing in the Kids Section? What if some kid thinks it’s a Harry Potter sequel, reads it and decides that kindness is for the weak? Skip it!

Oscar the Big Adventure of a Little Sock Monkey

I should probably abstain from reviewing non-Cece Bell sock monkey books, but I liked the perfect-fitting plot points. They remind me of … the kind of comic book tales I always liked and once upon a time tried to write.

One can’t help but notice the cupcakes in this book. An homage to Cece’s Cupcake Crazy Sock Buddy character? Bake it!

Bill and Pete

Man, I didn’t know Tomi de Paola had access to this much wacky juice! he must have knocked back a couple gallons of it before writing this kooky, toothy tale of a crocodile and his tooth-cleaning bird out for vigilante justice! I have to wonder, though, if this is the edited for children version, because it sure feels like it might have been originally written with a little bad-guy-gets-his-be-hind-eaten ending. Bust it!

Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mole

Kind of Frog and Toady, but a little less absurdity. Since Mouse and Mole are two different genders, adults will be rooting for these cuddly neighbors to fall in love. “Knock three times if….”


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