Alternate Harry Potter ending #5

Harry and Voldemort pour all their power into their spells, which meet in a violet and violent clash of sparks.

Harry feels his weakness as much as he feels Voldemort’s power. He hasn’t done enough. Voldemort is still too powerful. All is lost.

Suddenly, a shrieking white bird flies blasts through a window and dives at Voldemort/


Hedwig’s tiny talons extend and reach out for Voldemort’s eyesockets. Plunging through and bursting his soul-less eyes, they strike his brain and twist and grab and squeeze.

Even as Voldemort’s limp body falls to the ground, Hedwig pulls out a great chunk of the evil man’s brain with her beak and chokes it down in her lovable owly way.

The she looks at Harry.

“WHOOO’s expendable now, smart guy?”


This lovely work of fan fiction is brought to you by your friends at The Qwikpick Adventure Society. For all your mid-grade reading needs …. think Qwikpick.

One Response

  1. I bet JKR feels bad about killing the bird off when the book kicked off.

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