The Evolution of Nina Simone

This is not kidlit related, but rather deals with Nina Simone and what I think is the single greatest performance of any style of music I have ever seen.

I’ve wanted to write about this video for a long time, but I think the less I say the better.

But before you watch that, I’d like you to have some context. So there are actually two videos for you to watch.

Listen to the first video to hear Nina play “My Baby Just Cares for Me” early in her career. It is an incredible jazz number, there’s no doubt about that. (The video is just  a record going around and around.)

But then, watch the second video to see what she had done to the song much later in career. It is beyond anything.

2 Responses

  1. This is an extraordinary example of Nina’s improvisatory abilities. Thanks you for the post.

    Dr. Crys Armbrust
    Executive Director
    Eunice Waymon-Nina Simone Memorial Project

  2. I had forgotten how much I loved Nina Simone. What a voice! I’m going to have to pull my CDs out.

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