What I’m reading ON now …

Since we’re all reading maniacs around here, let me show you how I read:


If you care, keep reading….

It’s a GP2X, a Korean handhled gaming device, semi-similar to a PSP. What makes it so geat is that it is Linux-based. This means that people write all sorts of programs, games, etc… for it. So you might catch me playing Ms. PacMan, Joust, a favorite-Tetris clone or whatnot.

Plus, it plays (re-encoded) movies and MP3s.

But most of my time with it is spent reading eTexts, downloaded from Project Gutenberg. Many of the Dickens, Trollope, etc… novels I’ve read were read on this little gizmo. All free. No matter how big and thick the book, it stays the same weight. Plus you can load as many books as you wish, so that if you finish one (or give up) you can immediately start the next.

PLUS you tap a properly located button to change the page and you don’t have to shift positions to read the next page when reading in bed. Plus you don’t need a light source.

I tried one of the early e-Reader devices and it gave me a splitting head ache. But I read on the GP2x for hours and hours with no problem. (I have modified it a bit, by slipping two plastic filters between the screen and the screen protector to dim it down.)

Last night i was on a camping trip and the batteries did run out on me while I was reading. (But the same might have happened with a regular book and flashlight batteries.) When at home, it plugs into the wall.

Plus did I mention you can play Ms PacMan?

For tons of info about the GP2x go here: http://wiki.gp2x.org/


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