What will Miliicent Min think???? Betty & Veronica’s scandalous new look

I was at the grocery store and the Archie Comics cover you see below popped out at me!

Betty and Veronica have a new look! Check out Digest #151 - Archie Comics' new dynamic art style presents our classic characters in a new and exciting way!

What in the name of Sam Hill is going on? And more importantly, what will Millicent think? This is going to be quite a blow to her. Almost as bad as Ghostbusters II was for me. Worse maybe. Personally I think she’ll be done with the B&A bunch for good.

In further disturbing news: Hot Dog has become a kinkajou…

(That’s a joke, folks, and hopefully the last time Paris Hilton appears on this or any other blog.)


One Response

  1. Two words: E. Gad.

    Dynamic art style, Shmynamic art style.

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