Sock Monkey Writer’s Block Cure

Linda Acorn told me that Lisa Yee and the DiscoMermaids are all talking about using Sock Monkeys to cure writers block.

Well, it sure seems to work for my wife Cece Bell, who wrote 5 books about Sock Monkey. Sock Monkey is the name of our sock monkey, often called S.M. for short.

Anyhow, if you want to try it, follow this link to design a sock monkey then make him dance, whilst Cece plays a little ragtime number on the piano. (Uses Flash.)

Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture of how Sock Monkey has taken over out house…

It’s big, so I’ll stick it on the next page in case you don’t want to bring the joy of Sock Monkey into your life…

2 Responses

  1. OMG, I LOVE all this Sock Monkey mania!!!

  2. I love her make-your-own-sock-monkey-and-watch-it-boogie feature almost as much as I love your poop fountain video game!

    And … great choice of music … I have “The Sting” as my ringtone!

    And … can Cece come to my house and paint sock monkeys on it? Or, alternatively, can we trade houses?

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