Dear Judy Blume Diary : Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing : review


Dear Judy Blume Diary,

 I’d like to share my special feelings about the book I just finished, called Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

 Reading this book was like eating Reese’s Pieces – hard to stop.

 The stories are like old jokes we know by heart: Fudge jumps off the jungle gym, Fudge has a birthday party, Fudge messes with Dribble the turtle….

 It’s the little details that make these stories seem true, well except for some of the stuff about Fudge’s dad’s ad agency. Those stories seem to belong to that 70s accidental-fame-and-fortune genre. But even in these stories there are great bits, like the sloppy kiss from the secretary or the way the clients all disrespect Fudge’s dad.

 And the author clearly remembers some of the Big Deal things about being a kid, like watching another kid get presents while you get forgotten.

 It’s good stuff, diary, good stuff.

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