Poetry Friday – Kid wins Qwikpick Poetry Contest!

Yeeha, here’s a winner of my first ever Instant Poetry Contests, featuring Roanoke County middle school students!

They were given a few minutes to write a poem about “The Worst Thing I Ever Smelled.” Winners got Qwikpick t-shirts.

This one won by popular vote amongst the older group of students. It was supposed to be a haiku, but you’ll notice she’s a tiny bit off on her syllable count. (I’ve edited her spelling, but kept her line breaks.)

Warning! It’s gross!!!!

“The Nasty Smell”

by Seairra

The worst thing that I’ve smelled

was my dog giving birth it smelled like

rotten eggs, throw up, poop that been

in the toilet for 2 weeks. That was the

most nastiest thing I’ve smelled in

my life. After that I ran to the

restroom and threw up.

Also! Kidlit author and blogger Linda B./Acorn has contributed a wonderful haiku to my haiku showcase. It’s an ode to the Qwikpick-related Flash game on my Website. It wins a prize for all-time best use of Molly Hatchett reference in a haiku.

By the way, Linda’s got some cool stuff going on her blog. Check it out!

2 Responses

  1. Yup, gross. Yup, syllables are a little off. Good thing cute puppies come of such a nasty experience!

  2. Aw, shucks! I’d like to thank the Academy, my parents and of course Molly Hatchet.

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