Great Robots of Kidlit (that aren’t Transformers)

Disappointing, but not surprising, to hear that the Transformer movie is long and dumb.

But here are robot books for all ages which are neither:

Picture book: Hello, Robots by Bob Staake. Both of my boys (1 & 4) like this book and I do, too, even if it does rhyme. The story and the art are right on and it’s fun to read out loud. Hello Robots, Metal Robots, smiling bolt to bolt!

Mid-grade: My Robot Buddy, Alfred Slote. Okay, I admit I haven’t read this since way back when, but I seem to remember digging it.

Young adult and up: The Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem. This is the ultimate robot book. It is just beyond astounding. There are so many, many layers of depth to these robotic fables. Endless things to think about. This book carries my highest possible recommendation. Actually, the whole reason for this post was just to plug it.

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  1. Sam,

    Can you tell us what makes The Cyberiad YA? My 11-year-old is just getting into Sci Fi–read & loved Ender’s Game and is starting on some of my husband’s Heinlein books. Anything in the Cyberiad that you’d consider “too old” for this age?

  2. I doubt there’s anything in there worse than Ender’s game! That had some rough stuff in it.

    There is a slightly naughty chapter towards the end, I think. But it’s all of the silly variety. You might want to read it first.

    If I was going to suggest a Sci Fi book for an 11 year old I would say:
    Alan Mendelsoon Boy from Mars, by Pinkwater. A CLASSIC!

    Also the Tripods trilogy by John Christopher, beginning with the White Mountains. A masterpiece!

  3. I believe there was a sequel to My Robot Buddy, too. It was a fun read, and I think would still be great even with the outdated technology (i.e. computer cards).

  4. Haven’t seen it yet, but I expect to LOVE this Robot, because Sara Varon is totally kung-fu:

    available august 7, 2007, published by first second books, isbn 1-596431-08-3.

    a wordless graphic novel about a dog and a robot.

    the 2 characters become inseparable friends, but the robot is soon betrayed by his new pal. the book follows the story over the course of the next year, as they try to recover from the very unfortunate event.

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