You do have a writing partner, right?

If your solo writing career is stalled out for any reason (such as waiting for query responses) why not grab a partner and try writing a book together.

If you look at me and Jack (Riddleburger) you’ll see that before we teamed up we had:

1 or 2 unpublished, unwanted manuscripts

1 unproduced screenplay

So, we started working together. Throwing our character back and forth. it was a ton of fun.

Eventually we had a pretty good book.

Then Jack was the one who got an agent for it. (The same agent who later sold my first book, Qwikpick). Then after that she sold our joint project.

So, if you followed any of that, the lesson is:

Working alone we had gotten nowhere, together we’ve gotten … well, at least a little farther.

Caveat: a different project I tried with a couple of college buddies has never reached fruition. We were having so much fun creating plot twists that now we’re so twisted up we can’t finish it.

but, really, what have you got to lose? Plus, it’s fun.

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