Speed Haiku

I’m not usually one for writing exercises, but Speed Haiku is one of my favorites. It is both a good way to crate a poem and a good way to get your brain in order. And quickly written haikus are the highpoint of my Qwikpick book.

Basically, you get your subject — the more specific the better — then write a haiku about it in 60 seconds or less. Don’t worry too much about the syllable count. You can always tweak it later.

I’ll write one right now about … bandaids

Sticky pink bandage.

Makes nasty dirt blob on skin.

Was sterile. Not now.

I actually think it’s a great tool for my fellow newspaper writers, too. Research your subject, write a speed haiku and you will then know what to put into your lead (first sentence) or nut graf (the paragraph that actually explains what the story’s point is. Many reporters forget to put this in, leaving the reader to throw down the paper in disgust and turn on the TV news.)

If you want to try your hand a speed haiku, try one of these topics, then send it to my Qwikpick Haiku Showcase:

-TV shows you watched when you were little
-Junk food
-Star Wars
-Weird people you know and love
-Being outside after dark
-Things that smell bad!


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